Stage / Space

We do not aim to imitate conventional theater institutions with larger venues; instead, we occupy many different spaces for our work.

We do not want to run yet another medium-sized off-stage. In our opinion, these theatre institutions are questionable when they assume the working methods of state theater. This leads to rigidities that contradict the principles of independent theater work.

We focus on networking and negotiating our unique potential with other institutions and places. Without a theater venue with a year-round programme, we can be more flexible, faster and more mobile.

Our workplace in Elisabethinergasse in Graz is more a process-oriented space: in addition to the office, a storage hall, wardrobe and a meeting room, the TiB has a large and a small rehearsal studio. In Elisabethinergasse we mainly work; rarely do we open it for public presentations. From time to time it is the location for a TiB-production. We occasionally organize previews, and perform improv shows such as "Game of Death". Friends of the house sometimes present shows and concerts. Every now and then there is a party at the opening or finale of a theater season.

The house is open: The rehearsal studios can be rented at any time, a lively exchange is welcome.

With the help of AKTION PRODUKTIONSSCHECK - a project co-financed by Land Steiermark Jugend - we can let our rooms rent-free to young artists on demand.