The story of TiB can either be told quickly or it could take a lot of time.
The short version could read as follows: A group of students of various disciplines gets together in the late eighties and early nineties to do theater work.
And the long version is a list of milestones without dates, with big gaps... and in the end it will be confusing, because there must be secrets...

Appropriation of a waiting room for young commuters at Graz main station

Clandestine theatre activity together with the freelance scene of Graz. Enemy of the People (Klassenfeind)

Open acting training for invited performers.
Setting the name. Official opening. As You Like It (Was Ihr wollt)

Temporary dissolution and partition. Can’t Pay! Won’t Pay! (Bezahlt wird nicht)
Reunion with The Red-White-Red Race (Die Rot-Weiß-Rote Rasse). Theater happens.

Expulsion from the railway station due to own use.

Entry into the ÖGB basement. Tabori. Justine.

First foreign trip to the East, attempt of a theater branch in Vienna. Theater Murphy and Waiting for Godot (Warten auf Godot)

Expulsion from the ÖGB. Bowling alley, inn, backyard. summer theater: Trakl (Trakl) In Deep Austria (Im tiefen Österreich)

Opening of the venue on Lendplatz. On credit. Moser theater, improvisation, 19 premieres in three months.

Russian guest director, German dramaturgy. Operetta, Chekhov.

Theater happens. First invitation to steirischer herbst. Frisinghelli.

Schwab. Bauer. Shakespeare. Schürer.
Impro Cup. Orpheum.

Written series formats. LKH. Nestroy prize.
Probebühne. Big stage. TiB with Schauspielhaus.
Hosting of Nestroy prize

Graz. Cultural Capital of Europe. Opening. Graz Opera. Acconci on the Mur.

TQW. Wiener Festwochen.
Again and again Vienna. From "dietheater" to "brut"

The Best Cast (Die Beste Besetzung). Dance Your Time (Tanz deine Zeit), Happy Christmas Again (Wieder Schöne Weihnachten)

Burgtheater. Theater der Welt. Stage animals.
Loan paid off.

Expulsion from Lendplatz. Demolition.

New production site Elisabethinergasse.
steirirscher herbst again and again. Dog Shit (Hundescheiße). Between Bones and Rockets (Zwischen Knochen und Raketen). Camp Show. Morning hours.

Best off Styria prize. Multiple times.

All That Is The Case (Alles was der Fall ist) with Robert Arthur, Forced Entertainment. durational performance. Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

Dress Warmly (Warm anziehen). Democracy. The Show. (Demokratie. Die Show) First at the City Theater, then TV Puls 4.

Regionale. In the district Liezen. Murau. Bad Gleichenberg.

Time To Get Ready For Love. steirischer herbst
Lagos. Nigeria. TiB abroad.

Merchants (Die Kaufleute von Graz). Staff Room (Lehrerzimmer). Probebühne, big stage Schauspielhaus.

Lust and Betrayal (Lust und Verrat) in the Old Gallery. With Robert Steijn.
Nestroy at the City Theater
Mothers (Die Mütter). Operation Wolf Skin (Operation Wolfshaut). Gastubentheater in steirischer herbst.

Comedy Middle Right. (Komödie rechts der Mitte) Dementia (Demenz)
Again in steirischer herbst with Gunilla Heilborn. Sweden.

The Construction (Der Bau). Son (Sohn). Exit (Exit).

Police Graz. Schauspielhaus Graz.

Time flies fast and it will continue. Aging together in dignity and, as a final consequence, dissolution.