A Dynamic Entity

We move step by step from the known into the unknown. The unknown is the next production.

Theater is a dynamic entity whose activity and impact are not completely programmable and plannable. Theater im Bahnhof must be able to adapt, and noticeably change in its appearance.

We are Graz and think of Graz as a model for the world. At the same time, the world models Graz. We create contemporary popular theater with Graz dramaturgy. It works elsewhere too. Local is universal.

Through our networking with the European contemporary theater scene, we are at the height of current performance discourses, which we translate into our context. This translation, cross-bred with local topics and questions, is our method of creating original theatrical experiences.

We pay attention to the presence of our theater in the public discourse. We talk without being asked, we take in relevant positions, we appropriate, we refuse. We continue to make ourselves vulnerable.


We diagnose the times: observation plus reflection times self-perception.

We look for topics nearby and in the distance then turn them into plays, independently or with the involvement of partners. Narration and creation are subject to a constant development process: We use our skills, and then challenge them. Unlearning and learning. This is important.
"Do not be afraid of things because they're easy to do." We take our work seriously and the issues lightly. “Without ease, everything is nothing in art, but without seriousness we may as well start making design, not art.”  This quote from "Oblique Strategies" by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, should be on our homepage. (oh, it is)