A Climate Competition

Time is running out: Every day, almost twelve hectares of arable and natural land are sealed. That’s 4380 hectares a year and more than 15 times downtown Vienna. Or 6257 football fields. It’s too much. At the heart of Floridsdorf, on football club 1210’s own field, a performer fights the imminent climate catastrophe on her own. The audience gets to watch this ‘climate competition’ from the stands, listening to a symphony of words, music, and sounds over headphones.

A woman around fifty is done watching the exploitation of nature, excessive land consumption, and soil sealing gone wild. One day, she leaves her old life behind and decides to do something. She hastily sells her flat and buys a football field to save it from sealing. The paradise she plans to build here is supposed to server as an existential playground for her and all living beings that settle here. Ridiculed by her own family, the woman tilts at windmills fighting for wind turbines. One can still dream, right? Only sometimes, the dream will turn into a nightmare.

Alone against climate change: The climate competition RUNNING OUT (ZU ENDE GEHEN) by theatre-makers Johanna Hierzegger, Pia Hierzegger, and Gabriela Hiti is a journey meandering between an altruistic act and egomaniacal frenzy. Will the protagonist be exhausted enough to give up or will she emerge victorious?

Directing, text, set and costume design Johanna Hierzegger, Pia Hierzegger, Gabriela Hiti On the field Gabriela Hiti Music Benno Hiti Tech Fritz Hierzegger, Moke Rudolf-Klengel Technical execution Moke Rudolf-Klengel Groundskeeper tbd Production management Monika Klengel, Lena Theresa Rucker

Thanks to Heidi Hierzegger, Norbert Wally, Bianca Blasl and Wilhelm M. Geiger (Podcast Bauer to the People)