The improvised show

After almost 30 years, the TiB players still don't know what this evening actually is. Even after hundreds of shows, thousands of stories and plays without a text, where we direct and rehearse live on stage, our desire to play remains unchecked. Inspired by suggestions from the audience, we create characters and invent stories that are spontaneous, unique and one-of-a-kind. This is how characters, stories and songs are created. A musician improvises the appropriate atmosphere.
The stage is empty, the possibilities are endless. Expect the unexpected.

MONTAG is probably the most frequently performed and yet always unique show in the city and the best way to start the week. MONTAG is theater in the moment, where anything is possible. The only thing to expect is the unexpected.

Especially suitable for schoolchildren - audience discussions available on request.


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von und mit: Jacob Banigan, Beatrix Brunschko, Juliette Eröd, Ed. Hauswirth, Pia Hierzegger, Eva Hofer, Elisabeth Holzmeister, Lorenz Kabas, Monika Klengel, Helmut Köpping, Rupert Lehofer, Martina Zinner, Technician: Claudia Holzer, Musik: Andreas Acham, Michael Brantner, Marcus Heider, Albrecht Klinger, Norbert Wally, Armin Sauseng