Either way, she and I

People react very differently when they learn that they have a life-threatening illness. Some continue to live as before, some go traveling, some become religious.
And some fulfill a long-cherished wish. Like our stage character, who takes her cancer as an opportunity to make an evening about Hildegard Knef, whom she admires. A ruthless evening, just the way she likes it.

Can Knef's glamor and her merciless view of herself rub off a touch of immortality on her own life? She had it, too. She called it judgment. She spoke of a before and an after.

Our protagonist will not try to tell Knef's story, but to borrow a few of her songs. She will draw strength from them.  And perhaps be able to answer some unanswered questions.

Performance: Martina Zinner
Director: Ed. Hauswirth
Set: Heike Barnard
Music: Thomas Pfeffer
Text contributions: Pia Hierzegger
Stage design: Martin Schneebacher
Technology: Moke Rudolf-Klengel, Armin Sauseng


(Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator)