Impro Solo with Jacob Banigan

Taking inspiration from the audience and a deck of fortune-telling cards, Jacob Banigan evokes exotic settings, embodies diverse characters and hurtles through intriguing stories. But he is not totally in control; there are twists he cannot predict, elements are controlled by the audience, and the Egg Timer Of Death is always ticking...

GAME OF DEATH premiered in Graz in 2012, and the monthly show has been sold out ever since. Banigan has also performed the show in Vienna, London, Bristol, Toronto, and Edmonton Canada. The show packed the Ratibor in The Gorillas? Impro Festival 2013. Who are we expecting at the door? When will Death come? How much of this performance is predetermined? Does it all come from the moment, able to flow in any direction; or is the performer merely following the dots? Filling in the blanks? Fulfilling a destiny? We promise something initially, but the turn of a card will change our plans. Sing a love song. Study Kung-Fu. Discuss.

Ingenious impro theater from someone who knows what he´s doing, when he doesn´t know what to do. A real fluke! Kleine Zeitung.
Truly a champion's performance that must be seen. A fascinating dialogue with himself. Kronen Zeitung
More than funny, more than witty, downright artful at times, Banigan succeeds in this highest of highwire acts. Edmonton Journal


With: Jacob Banigan, und Impromusikern in wechselnder Besetzung

Technician: Moke Rudolf-Klengel, Support: Helmut Köpping 

with different improvising musicians

in english language