The Democratic Dinner

Solve big questions while eating.

The "Democratic Dinner" seeks to reflect on democracy in the Gries district of Graz.  Inspired by David van Reybrouck's "Against Elections" *, a performative-participative dinner will be organized in which randomly invited people and politically interested actresses will meet. The TiB ensemble cooks for the dinner party. A waiter serves according to the rules of the art. A central microphone is installed on the table so that nothing gets lost, and a photographer captures moments.
During the meal, the actresses process the most important thoughts of the evening into artistic reflections and minimal associative improvisations.
It is about political questions, perhaps also about proposed solutions, but above all about opinions and ideas. Just like in Greek democracy, where unheard voices were chosen by lot to be heard or to hold office.
Visual and audio material remains from the meetings. From this, a kind of "multi-perspective painting" is created as an actual performance, in which the actresses bring the important moments and people back to life like ghosts. But they also take things further. Perhaps "original guests" appear. The waiter is also back.

* David van Reybrouck "Against Elections"

Elisabeth Holzmeister.
Eva Hofer
Rupert Lehofer
Ed. Hauswirth

Helene Thümmel
Chrissie Romirer

Markus Rudolf-Klengel

Gabor Thury

Karoline Rudolf-Klengel

TiB ensemble with changing cast

Chrissie Romirer
steirischer herbst

commissioned by steirischer herbst 23
Produced by Theater im Bahnhof in co-production with steirischer herbst 23

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