Blind Date Europe

Europa trilogy EAST-MIDDLE-WEST

Only on June 2, 2024 will you have the opportunity to see all 3 parts of the Europa trilogy in a row!

"Who should pay for it?"
"Are we still together?"
"The water is rising"

We take a look at Europe, pack our bags and go on a journey.
In the beginning, the EU was a beautiful dream of equality and open borders. We were proud to be part of it and waved our red passports and blue flags. Big at last and no longer just Graz or Austria. Today, Europe has lost its luster. We are bored, sometimes embarrassed. It is divided. And - let's be honest - it's a bit unappealing.
But we want to give each other a chance. After all, these are elections, some say the most important ones for a peaceful future on this continent.
For the production, the entire TIB ensemble will experience European blind dates: everyone will go on a journey. We have superimposed the map of the Graz lines over the map of Europe. This cross-mapping has determined our destinations: wherever the stop closest to our respective apartment is located in Europe, that's where we go. Our blind dates are Kaunas, Ostrava, Cluj, Memmingen, Bastogne, Valkenburg, Wroclaw, Vade Havet, Kassel, Stuttgart, Strasbourg, Leipzig, Cherbourg, Erfurt.
We are looking for similarities and differences, things that unite and divide, differences and common ground.  Can I find a European idea, a commonality that goes beyond international trade chains? Are we still together?

EAST: by and with Heike Barnard, Juliette Eröd, Lorenz Kabas, Monika Klengel, Helmut Köpping and Rupert Lehofer

IN THE MIDDLE: by and with Johanna Hierzegger, Pia Hierzegger, Eva Hofer, Christina Helena Romirer, Moke Rudolf-Klengel and Martina Zinner

WEST: by and with Jacob Banigan, Beatrix Brunschko, Ed.Hauswirth, Gabriela Hiti, Elisabeth Holzmeister and Helene Thümmel

General direction: Ed. Hauswirth, Johanna Hierzegger, Monika Klengel and Helmut Köpping
Set design: Heike Barnard, Johanna Hierzegger, Christina Romirer and Helene Thümmel
Technical direction: Moke Rudolf-Klengel

(Translated with