Blind Date Europe

Season 23/24

For our spring productions, we take a look at Europe, pack our suitcases and go on a journey.
In the beginning, the EU was a beautiful dream of equality and open borders. We were proud to be part of it and waved our red passports and blue flags. Big at last and no longer just Graz or Austria. Today, Europe has lost its luster. We are bored, sometimes embarrassed. It is divided. And - let's be honest - it's a bit unappealing.
But we want to give each other a chance. After all, these are elections, some say the most important ones for a peaceful future on this continent.
For the productions, the entire TIB ensemble goes on European blind dates: everyone goes on a journey. We have superimposed the map of the Graz lines on the map of Europe. This cross-mapping has determined our destinations: wherever the stop closest to our respective apartment is located in Europe, that's where we're going: Kaunas, Ostrava, Cluj, Memmingen, Bastogne, Valkenburg, Wroclaw, Vade Havet, Kassel, Stuttgart, Strasbourg, Leipzig, Cherbourg, Erfurt.

A little tip: there is a stamp card at the box office: if you visit all three parts of the European trilogy, you get a free drink!

Blind Date West

Part 3 of the Europa trilogy

"The water is rising"

When you travel to the West, you expect little that is new. Everything should actually be the same as here, except that the language is different. But the actual experience is quite different. And there are traces of the war everywhere, which are now also good for tourism. Staging and facades are part of it. There are expensive museums at the highest level. Europe as a permanent exhibition. And then you notice from the access controls how far east Graz is. Will contemporary…

Blind Date in the Middle

Part 2 of the Europa trilogy

"Are we still together?"

The center of Europe, that really is Germany and that's how it feels.
From there, you can see in all directions and you are right in the middle of it all, but is this a good way to see? Can we still rely on the bland, reliable center?
In Graz, we are very happy with our central residential addresses, but we were disappointed that cross-mapping brought us all to Germany. What a shame, only Germany. Are we still together? We got involved and were surprised.


Blind Date East

Part 1 of the Europa trilogy

"Who should pay for it?"

We were in the East. We visited industrial monuments in the Czech Republic, overcame our fear of heights and counted workers' statues. We drank oat cappuccino in Romania and climbed aboard a time travel machine. We watched a chair burn to death on an open stage in Poland, visited concentration and extermination camps in Lithuania and Poland and were on a frozen lagoon at -30 degrees. Brand new electric buses, good connections. We wrote a poem:

Toothless next to Porsche

Blind Date Europe

Europa trilogy EAST-MIDDLE-WEST

Only on June 2, 2024 will you have the opportunity to see all 3 parts of the Europa trilogy in a row!

"Who should pay for it?"
"Are we still together?"
"The water is rising"

We take a look at Europe, pack our bags and go on a journey.
In the beginning, the EU was a beautiful dream of equality and open borders. We were proud to be part of it and waved our red passports and blue flags. Big at last and no longer just Graz or Austria. Today, Europe has lost its luster. We are bored, sometimes embarrassed.…


A Climate Competition

Time is running out: Every day, almost twelve hectares of arable and natural land are sealed. That’s 4380 hectares a year and more than 15 times downtown Vienna. Or 6257 football fields. It’s too much. At the heart of Floridsdorf, on football club 1210’s own field, a performer fights the imminent climate catastrophe on her own. The audience gets to watch this ‘climate competition’ from the stands, listening to a symphony of words, music, and sounds over headphones.

A woman around fifty…


Luis and Line get off.

Guest at TiB!

Graz, 2042.
Urban life is characterized by unrest and struggles for survival. Electricity is only available on the Ruckerlberg, the Mur has dried up to a trickle, democracy is on its last legs. Luis is fed up with society and leaves, accompanied only by his beloved Line. They find no paradise, their new everyday life is rather a symbiosis of stone-age survival strategies and typical problems of the Alpha generation, something like the search for mushrooms and a net connection to filter…


The improvised show

After almost 30 years, the TiB players still don't know what this evening actually is. Even after hundreds of shows, thousands of stories and plays without a text, where we direct and rehearse live on stage, our desire to play remains unchecked. Inspired by suggestions from the audience, we create characters and invent stories that are spontaneous, unique and one-of-a-kind. This is how characters, stories and songs are created. A musician improvises the appropriate atmosphere.
The stage is empty,…

IMPRO SHOW - Open Air in Leibnitz

Bauernmarkthalle/Marenzikeller in Leibnitz

Improvisiertes Theater entsteht live vor den Augen des Publikums. Drei Schauspieler*innen und ein Musiker betreten die Bühne. Das Publikum ruft sein Stichwort zu und das Theater beginnt - einzigartig, einmalig und nicht wiederholbar.

Stichwörter aus dem Leben des Publikums liefern Input für Szenen, Geschichten, Lieder und Choreographien - und es beginnt eine Geschichte mit unbekanntem Ausgang.

Hier manifestiert sich idealerweise, was wir von einer Schauspielerin, einem Schauspieler erwarten. Lustvoll…


Impro Solo with Jacob Banigan

Taking inspiration from the audience and a deck of fortune-telling cards, Jacob Banigan evokes exotic settings, embodies diverse characters and hurtles through intriguing stories. But he is not totally in control; there are twists he cannot predict, elements are controlled by the audience, and the Egg Timer Of Death is always ticking...

GAME OF DEATH premiered in Graz in 2012, and the monthly show has been sold out ever since. Banigan has also performed the show in Vienna, London, Bristol, Toronto,…


Either way, she and I

People react very differently when they learn that they have a life-threatening illness. Some continue to live as before, some go traveling, some become religious.
And some fulfill a long-cherished wish. Like our stage character, who takes her cancer as an opportunity to make an evening about Hildegard Knef, whom she admires. A ruthless evening, just the way she likes it.

Can Knef's glamor and her merciless view of herself rub off a touch of immortality on her own life? She had it, too. She called…