Season 20/21


Impro Solo with Jacob Banigan

Taking inspiration from the audience and a deck of fortune-telling cards, Jacob Banigan evokes exotic settings, embodies diverse characters and hurtles through intriguing stories. But he is not totally in control; there are twists he cannot predict, elements are controlled by the audience, and the Egg Timer Of Death is always ticking...

GAME OF DEATH premiered in Graz in 2012, and the monthly show has been sold out ever since. Banigan has also performed the show in Vienna, London, Bristol, Toronto,…

Everything, that is the case.

Dream logs

“... I stand on stage and play Maria Stuart. I am waiting for the appearance of a messenger. Instead, after some time, my bank advisor comes on stage and says to me: "It does not go on like that, you are insolvent!”

Beautiful women in old pajamas tell their dreams.

You can listen to them for hours, but also go to the bar or smoke a cigarette. Again and again they ask themselves personal questions. They are merciless. A cosmos of desires and delusions, claims and reflections is kindled.

We place…


Kasimir und Karoline gehen zum Aufsteirern

Kreation Kollektiv nach Ödön von Horváth

“Wenns mir schlecht geht, dann denk ich mir immer, was ist ein Mensch neben einem Stern. Und das gibt mir dann wieder einen Halt.
 Zu schade, dass wir nicht in einer idealen Welt leben. (Dialogversuch zwischen Erna und Chatbot Mitsuku)”

Kasimir und Karoline ist ein Volksstück von Ödön von Horváth.
Es spielt auf dem Oktoberfest und zwar „in unserer Zeit“.
Damals war die Weltwirtschaftskrise von 1929 gemeint.

Unter dem Titel steht: Und die Liebe höret nimmer auf.

Das Stück…