Season 23/24

Now the guest performance season is coming!


Either way, she and I

Hilde goes travelling and makes a guest appearance
on 2 August 2024 at the theatre days in Weißenbach

People react very differently when they learn that they have a life-threatening illness. Some continue to live as before, some go traveling, some become religious.
And some fulfill a long-cherished wish. Like our stage character, who takes her cancer as an opportunity to make an evening about Hildegard Knef,…

Warme Geschichten für kältere Zeiten

Portrait of a gay artist as an aging man

Guest performance at the Hin&Weg theater festival in Litschau, Lower Austria.

Over 20 years ago, Theater im Bahnhof approached the topic of homosexuality in a comedic form with 'Honigbrot - Die schwule Serie' (Honey Bread - The Gay Series), and now it seems time to take another theatrical look at this field. At first glance, much seems to have changed for the better.  We don't even have to look far beyond Europe's borders to realize…

The unheard things

another kind of provenance research

A theater work in public space, a fictional radio broadcast on provenance research and restitution of looted Jewish property.

The project deals with looted art and everyday objects from former Jewish possession from the region. These objects and the personal stories surrounding them are the focus of a theater work in public space. Residents and visitors of the Salzkammergut are invited to deal with Nazi looting, provenance and restitution, with questions of loss, value and memory in a low-threshold…

Kleiner Wahlsonntag



We vote.
We listen to Hirsch Fisch.
We watch projections.
We will see.

Spiel mir das Lied von Knittelfeld

or the puberty of the FPÖ

"1986 - I was allowed to vote for the first time when Haider took over the FPÖ. Then they got stronger and stronger until Knittelfeld, the place of their first downfall. They keep coming back. I've been dealing with this party my entire adult life. "

The rise of the FPÖ supposedly ended for the first time on September 7, 2002 in Knittelfeld. The so-called third camp lay in ruins after the "coup". What remained of it after the new elections in November 2002 split once again years later. There was…


The improvised show

After almost 30 years, the TiB players still don't know what this evening actually is. Even after hundreds of shows, thousands of stories and plays without a text, where we direct and rehearse live on stage, our desire to play remains unchecked. Inspired by suggestions from the audience, we create characters and invent stories that are spontaneous, unique and one-of-a-kind. This is how characters, stories and songs are created. A musician improvises the appropriate atmosphere.
The stage is empty,…


Impro Solo with Jacob Banigan

Taking inspiration from the audience and a deck of fortune-telling cards, Jacob Banigan evokes exotic settings, embodies diverse characters and hurtles through intriguing stories. But he is not totally in control; there are twists he cannot predict, elements are controlled by the audience, and the Egg Timer Of Death is always ticking...

GAME OF DEATH premiered in Graz in 2012, and the monthly show has been sold out ever since. Banigan has also performed the show in Vienna, London, Bristol, Toronto,…