Potential States

work in progress presentation

The project Potential States is a project by Slovenian theatre director Eva Nina Lampič and German-Kurdish author Beliban zu Stolberg. Potential States is a project about two women imagining states that do not exist, based on the example of Yugoslavia and Kurdistan - one state that is already dead and the other that might come to life in the future. The project also explores a new form of participatory theatre, that brings the audience together to discuss and re-consider their own perspectives. 



by Eva Nina Lampič, Beliban zu Stolberg

Potential States is an international collaboration between Ballhaus Ost (DE), Moment (SI) and Glej Theatre (SI) and has received research funds by Szenenwechsel program by Robert Bosch Stiftung in 2018. The premiere will be in September 2020. On 23.1. there will be a work in progress presentation of the developing phase.