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the treaty of lisbon


Beatrix Brunschko
Juliette Eröd
Pia Hierzegger
Gabriela Hiti
Eva Maria Hofer
Monika Klengel
Martina Zinner
Jacob Banigan
Lorenz Kabas
Rupert Lehofer
STAGEDESIGN/COSTUMES: Heike Barnard, Johanna Hierzegger
MUSICAl CHOIR: Matthias Unterkofler
GESTURE: Eva Kabas
SOUND: Moritz Wallmüller, Imre Lichtenberger-Bozoki
TECHNIC: Martin Schneebacher
DIRECTING: Helmut Köpping, Ed. Hauswirth
Dramaturgy: Rupert Lehofer



PRODUCED BY: Coproduction Theater im Bahnhof, Graz, FFT Düsseldorf und brut Wien. In Zusammenarbeit mit den Grazer Spielstätten

FÖRDERGEBER: Gefördert von Stadt Graz, Land Steiermark und Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur

After Andre Heller´s treatment of the African continent, Theater im Bahnhof is inspired to present a marvelous spectacle: an artistic translation of the Treaty of Lisbon.

If the most important texts of our lives are legal documents, then the Treaty of Lisbon is probably the most important text in Europe.
The Treaty is a document that bears the drama of failure in itself, as initially it was meant to be no less than a European constitution. And perhaps it will be a hopeless text for all times. It is therefore tragic material, which deserves our theatrical attention.

The spectators follow the action on different levels. By means of headphones, a translator establishes a different connection between audience and stage. The translation lies between empathy and exoticism. We hear the voice of an engaging interpreter with a slight accent and at the same time watch the performers who show unique forms of acrobatics.

Can a legal text be dramatized?

We are driven by the impossibility of this enterprise: the overwhelming challenge to appropriately bring this to a stage, the Andre Heller-ish gesture of megalomania and the "mad" vision of  artistically enlightening the document. Our piece of art is the text of the Treaty. We expose ourselves to the risk of this undertaking. A new form of acrobatics will be necessary.

Artistic approach:
We play with the principle of "translating": Translation as a fundamental process of understanding and as a source of misunderstanding.
We show forms of understanding and of being understood.

"For heaven's sake, how can I ever understand all this? And for heaven's sake, how will you ever understand me? Give me a translator, because I cannot rely on myself alone."

The Theater im Bahnhof will offer artistic translations for the audience; making bold statements regarding the Treaty is our mission. We want to make something that is very present, subjective for us and personal for the audience. 

During the process of rehearsal, the ensemble will meet people who are familiar with the contract and also those who are not. The resulting monologues, dialogues, speculations,  rumors, interpretations and associations are the basis for the text of the evening.
We play with the Treaty of Lisbon by using its codes and designs for the theater.

Can an extracted sentence generate a thought? Can this thought generate a game? Can this game generate a sequence, the sequence a piece of art, and finally the piece of art a magic moment on stage?

Moreover, a live choreography between spectators and players will develop by audience interaction. Psychological experiments and games will create dramatic images of contract and negotiating situations.

The spectators will certainly have to face great challenges: Sometimes it may be too much for them, but of this we are sure: a unique experience and encounter with Europe will happen. We will all go home wiser, guaranteed!