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(Zwischen Knochen und Raketen)


The location of the project is a big waste land in the outskirts of a city (70.000 square meters), surrounded by arterial roads. People watch the show from a platform in the middle of the field and listen to the pre-recorded text. They have small cardboards to protect their eyes from the

The show works like a boulevard comedy. The text has different sources: we interviewed the photographer and zoologist Christoph Grill about his long term project travelling to all the successor states of former Soviet republics. We also used extracts from the screenplay "The Opening of Misty Beethoven" which is allegedly the best porno movie ever made and "where Pygmalion meets pornography".

Grill´s interview draws its magic from a very simple accident: While talking about his travels to us, his photos got mixed up. So he had to jump in his descriptions all the time: from Kazakhstan to Latvia to Kamchatka and so forth. We incorperated this principle into our text montage.

The main character of the performace is the most famous porn-actress of the world, who earned so much money that she can afford an appartment of 70,000 sq meters. The rooms of her flat are named after the states of the former USSR. She has a visit form her best friend (also a porn-actress). But one by one, her three husbands (an Austrian, a Canadian and a Kazakh, they are all called Victor) arrive at the same time, which was not planned, of course. Following the rules of light comedy she has to hide them from one another. During this hide and seek the two women  philosophize about life and throw quotes of ? for example - Boris Groys and Claude Lévi-Strauss at each other.

The husbands tell stories from all states which once belonged to the USSR. About hedgehog trainers in Belarus, nuclear submarines in Sevastopol, gymnasts from Latvia and illegal sturgeon fishing in Kazakhstan. About rich people from Azerbeijan and poor people from Siberia who are so happy to have a TV-set but can not watch anything because there is no television reception, so they just look at the "snow" on the screen.

And of course, they all fuck eachother. But never do they talk about sex.

The place of desire for the porn-actresses is Japan. Almost as Moscow for "the three sisters". Consequently, they never reach there and meet in harmony at the bar in the end.

director: Helmut Köpping
stagedesign: Johanna Hierzegger
sounddesign: Seppo Gründler
dramaturgy: Johanna Hierzegger, Rupert Lehofer
inspiried by texts from: Chistoph Grill
acting:Jacob Banigan(CAN),Gabi Hiti(A), Elisabeth Holzmeister (A),  Rupert Lehofer (A), Pavel Permyakow  (KAZ).
english, german and russian
coproduction with steirischer herbst and TiB
in cooperation with art&shock (KaZ)
projektsponsor Asset One
In cooperation with the Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik, KUG Graz
kindly supported by FH JOANNEUM/IND, Radio Helsinki, ARTilek & Peter Felch