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Eine Solo-Oper


Eine Coming-Of-Age über Liebe, Leidenschaft, Dramen und noch so klitzekleine Themen Mit seiner Solo-Oper FIVE zeigt der Wiener Performancekünstler Frans Poelstra, der im TiB bereits bei "NO, NOTHING" zu sehen war, eine sensible musikalische Studie über Fanatsiewelten und Träume. In einem intimen Raum verküpft er Realität und Fiktion und zieht sein Publikum in eine poetisch-absurde Paralellwelt. Sehr sehenswert!

Frans Poelstra was born 1954 in Amsterdam. As a child Frans Poelstra stared more into the waters of the canals in Amsterdam than being at school. He still hasn?t got a degree, but he kept his dreams. Dreams of being the next Jimi Hendrix, but he had no talent to play the guitar, so he decided to work in the theatre, the place where you can dream on a professional level. For him, performing is a matter of keeping channels open ? in order to think, to listen and to dream.


Since he lives in Vienna he works, besides his solo performances, with a variety of Ausrtian artists in different constellations., e.g. as a performer for Christine Gaigg and Veza Fernández, as a teacher together with Vera Rosner (MAD-dance), as a collaborator with the visual artist/performer Andrea Maurer, as a mentor for the youth theater company schallundrauch agency and as ?outside-eye? for Marta Navaridas/Alex Deutinger and Simon Mayer.


He shares a long time collaboration with the Dutch writer/performer Robert Steijn. Their work has been shown in Austria at e.g. Impulstanz, TanzQuartierWien, brut, steirischer herbst.